Portobello: The Portobello mushroom is one of the tastiest mushrooms ever grown, it is very versatile in its uses one of the nicest features of the port bellow is probably thick cap. The cap of the port bellow is probably twice as thick as the cap on a white mushroom . Read More...

Quality control


All season's mushroom are handpicked, graded and packed swiftly to maintain freshness. Our most effort is working towards becoming safe quality and leading to meet the needs of buyers and suppliers worldwide. As a responsible farm the grower and packer produces control safety and quality during all stages of production Read More...

About All season's


All season's farm had invested millions of dollars to build research facilities and expand production capabilities. All season's farms is the largest marketer of specialty white and Port bellow mushroom in Egypt: distributing over 35 million pounds of mushroom annually. We have been cultivating mushroom since 2008 with top quality mushrooms ever since.



Mushrooms are mostly classified as vegetables or fruits but in reality they are fungi. There are more than 14.000 different kinds buts only 700 are known for their medical benefits. A great benefit is those mushrooms are probiotic which means that they contain beneficial bacteria which strengthens our immune system. Read More.

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